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Protecting Yourself and Your Customers From Fraud at the Pump

December 2014

Change. It’s inevitable and usually it’s a good thing in business, but sometimes I think it’s a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to new technologies designed to make things faster, easier and more efficient on both the buying and selling sides of the equation.

Vera Haskins

Spirit® Petroleum Endorses CORD Financial Services

November 2014

Spirit® Petroleum has endorsed CORD Financial Services as its newest preferred provider of business services.

Anne-Marie Scott

Building Your Brand - Tips and Tools for effective Branding and Marketing

June 2014

You might have the best location in the state of Illinois. You might have all the best products. All the snacks customers want. All the beverage options. The best-kept, tidiest store possible. But none of it matters if you can’t get customers through the door.

Michael Adkins – The Oil Can

Worldpay US Launches New Brand Worldwide

May 2014

Worldpay, one of the recognized leaders in the payments processing industry, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand.


Federal Heath and ScreenScape to Offer Joint Media Solution

April 2014

Federal Heath Sign Company LLC today announced a joint initiative with ScreenScape Networks.

Federal Heath Sign Co.

Springtime Spruce-Up – Boosting Your Site’s Curb Appeal

April 2014

Spring is always a good time to look over your retail fuel sites, to see if they might need waking up too.

Vera Haskins

PMOCO Holds Annual Meeting

February 2014

The Management Committee of the Petroleum Marketers Oil Company, LLC, owner of the Spirit® Petroleum brand, recently held its annual meeting in Dallas, TX at the Grand Hyatt DFW hotel

Anne-Marie Scott

Freedom and Flexibility – Expanding Options for Marketers

January 2014

There’s a good bit of debate (much of it heated) these days about the merits of biofuels.

Vera Haskins

Trimming Expenses to Boost the Bottom Line – Spirit®’s Exclusive Deal with WorldPay

August 2013

Every so often, a company or organization approaches us with a deal that looks truly beneficial to everyone.

Vera Haskins

Spirit Petroleum Announces First Site in North Dakota

June 2013

Spirit® Petroleum continues expanding through the Upper Midwest with the opening of the first Spirit® station in North Dakota

Anne-Marie Scott

Market-Making Marketers Building the Spirit® Brand

May 2013

Licensees and their efforts to make the market for the Spirit® brand

Vera Haskins

Spirit Petroleum Launches Redesigned Website

April 2013

Spirit® Petroleum is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned company website

Anne-Marie Scott

Flying the Spirit Flag Over Small-Volume Site

February 2013

Small businesses have always been a part of our American culture. I’d guess that more than a few of us carry charming memories of some local small enterprises…maybe a shoe store, a candy shop, a mom-and-pop grocery—that formed the building blocks of our communities...

Vera Haskins

Spirit Petroleum Marks its First Ten Years of Serving Marketers

August 2012

Spirit® Petroleum, the national petroleum brand owned by PMAA and managed by marketers, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The story of Spirit®’s creation, growth and success is fascinating, mostly because the brand came about in no ordinary manner...

Anne-Marie Scott

Private Brand 101: The Ins and Outs of Creating a New Brand

August 2012

This past year marked the ten-year anniversary of Spirit® Petroleum, a birthday we’ve enjoyed celebrating here at the company headquarters.

Vera Haskins

Spirit Licensees: Doing Well In Business Doing Good In Their Communities

May 2012

Members of our Spirit® family who roundly disprove the notion that business success equates lack of concern for others

Vera Haskins

Disaster 101: Ways to Prepare Your Business For the Unexpected

February 2012

The devastating tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri has me thinking about our industry and some of the particular challenges petroleum marketers face when it comes to protecting their businesses from damaging weather events.

Vera Haskins

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