Spirit’s Test-Drive Program

Spirit®’s Test-Drive program is a simple, effective tool that licensees can use to help dealers visualize how a location will look once it’s branded Spirit®. If you’re considering converting a site to Spirit® all you need to do is forward digital images of pumps, canopies, signs, buildings and other elements over to Spirit. The graphics group then creates new images replacing the various elements with the Spirit® logo and color scheme to show how the site would appear when converted to Spirit®.

test drive sample
Test Drive image of badge sign converted to Spirit

Several licensees make regular use of the program, and are quick to praise its effectiveness in closing a contract with a dealer. Being able to visualize a location outfitted in Spirit®’s patriotic color scheme and logo goes a long way toward helping dealers understand the benefits of going with Spirit®. The program is also useful for showing installation professionals how a site is supposed to look once installation is complete, thus helping avoid imaging mistakes that can be costly and time-consuming to fix. And it’s a great way to help Spirit® staff and dealers figure out the best imaging solutions for a site, particularly in cases involving nonstandard elements like multilevel canopies or odd-shaped buildings. Back