Partner Spotlight

Spirit® Petroleum is delighted to count WorldPay among its select group of preferred service providers for Spirit® licensees. With operations in 40 countries, WorldPay has built an impressive reputation over its 25 years in the industry. The company is the fourth-largest payment processor in the US, as well as the fastest-growing top-ten US acquirer.

Spirit® licensees benefit enormously from Spirit® Petroleum’s relationship with WorldPay. The per-transaction rate negotiated with Spirit® licensees and PMAA marketers is among the lowest in the industry, which directly benefits a marketer’s bottom line, especially given the growing percentage of credit-card purchases. Also, WorldPay is the only payment processor in the US to process transaction data in-house on company-owned networks, which results in increased security, fast transaction speeds, quick deposits (usually on the day of settlement) and efficient customer service. WorldPay offers its clients a proprietary host-velocity system that allows licensees to set their own security parameters, thus bringing their own knowledge of local security threats to bear in controlling cardholder access.

worldpay logoFor more information, contact WorldPay Customer Service at 877-862-9195.


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